benvenuti tutti!

Hey everyone! We’re Hannah and Meg – two ordinary American girls that took a big trip to Italy. We were lucky enough to receive fellowships to study art history in Florence for a year, a dream opportunity with a (very) limited budget.

Florence is quite the walking town, and we spent many days and nights exploring forgotten alleyways, peering into famous cafes, and concocting stories about what happened behind ornate gates and tall walls. Plus, there were free museums, haunted gravesites, and Tuscan hikes to strike from our bucket lists.

These activities didn’t cost a thing – except for the 2-euro gelato or birra we rewarded ourselves with at the end of a long excursion. Even better, there were rarely any crowds where we headed, and we experienced much more of Florence than we would have sticking to the standard script. We mused that once our own adventure had to come to a close, we’d create a resource to help other students and budget-minded visitors discover the city (and Italy!) without reaching deep into their pockets.

Starting this blog is bittersweet, as it means our time wandering our favorite town has ended (for now). But we’re on to new adventures – including sharing our favorite walks and “crawls” with you! We’re happy to have you with us.


hannah & meg

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