vogue fashion’s night out

fashion night out firenze

Time for everyone to tap into their sartorial side because tomorrow night (9/18) Firenze will be abuzz with Vogue’s Fashion Night Out.  Ok ok, Vogue’s Fashion Night Out isn’t strictly Florentine, as Vogue has hosted these events in every major fashion capital in the world. However, we’re thinking that the city that spawned Guccio Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Salvatore Ferragamo should make for a pretty fabulous evening none-the-less. Many events are free and any monetary contributions you do make will help the victims of the earthquakes that shook Emilia-Romagna this past May.

Florence will be glitzing and glamming until 11:30 PM when the stores close their doors. Think glamorous cocktail parties, swag galore and models out in droves. I would get into details about the hot spots to visit, but luckily a fellow Florence blogger, Girl in Florence, beat us to the punch! Check out her fantastic and detailed post to help map out your night! For more on the evening and a handy map, visit the official event site here.

Meg and I obviously won’t be able to make the trip across the pond in time (a teardrop just hit my keyboard) so please come back and tell us about all the designers you rubbed elbows with and the swag you scored! And seriously, you might just break our Florence-loving hearts if you don’t go.



  1. Thanks for the shout-out :-). Florence is always full of awesome festivals or nights like this so don’t worry, you guys will have plenty of opportunity wear skinny jeans and perfect your ‘blue steel’.

    1. thanks gg! we’re happy to have stumbled on your blog for more great tips!

  2. I went last night! It was really fun. If you want to see a bunch of extremely well-dressed people in one place, this was the place to be! I have never seen so many pocket squares in one place in my life. One store was offering free “Marilyn” manicures (they were awesome), and a lot of stores had free cocktails. We stopped by Ferragamo for a bit, and the pro secco was flowing like water! Overall, there was free stuff to be found if you went looking, and it was great people-watching.

    1. we’re oozing with jealousy, emmy! wish we could’ve been there with you!

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