upcoming events: february 2013

February: it’s so much more than Valentine’s Day. While Florence is a romantic place to spend a lovers’ holiday, we’ve got a whole month of free events and tours to get to. Tell your sweetheart (if you’ve got one) that you’re on a mission for more museums this month. If you’re single – we’ve got you covered! Where better to attract a few admirers than while looking polished and intelligent at an art event? Your inside scoop follows.

15th-century map of Florence, Francesco Rosselli

15th-century map of Florence, Francesco Rosselli

Traces of Florence | Now until February 3

There are still a few days left to visit Palazzo Vecchio and learn about the history of Florentine streets. Hannah has laid out all the reasons why you should go here.

Masaccio, Tribute Money, Brancacci Chapel, 1425

Masaccio, Tribute Money, Brancacci Chapel, 1425

Free Museum Sunday | February 10

One day (almost) every month, city dwellers enjoy free entry to the Palazzo Vecchio, the Stefano Bardini Museum, the Fondazione Salvatore Romano Museum, the Santa Maria Novella Museum, and the Brancacci Chapel at Santa Maria del Carmine. All you need is a card and a reservation – click here for the details.

Lovers, carousel at night, Florence, Italy by Robert Crum via Flickr

Lovers, carousel at night by Robert Crum

Valentine’s Day | February 14

Since San Valentino was a Roman saint, there’s no place more appropriate to celebrate Valentine’s Day than in Italy. Here are our dreams of how to spend the day – for free, of course.

In the spirit of love, however, we recommend stopping by Piazza Repubblica at 3 p.m. to participate in 1 Billion Rising, when 1 billion people worldwide are expected to stand up and dance in opposition to violence against women. So shake what your momma gave ya for all the mommas and future may-be-mommas out there! We promise it will make your heart happy.

Abbey of San Salvatore a Settimo via Wikapedia

Cellar of the Abbey of San Salvatore a Settimo via Wikapedia

Free Museum Tours | February 16 & 17

In celebration of International Tourist Guide Day, visitors can receive free guided tours to some of our favorite (but often lesser visited) museums: Sant’ Apollonia, Chiostro dello Scalzo, San Salvi’s Last Supper, Museo Casa Rodolfo Siviero, and the Abbey of San Salvatore (in Settimo). The idea is to encourage sustainable tourism by drawing visitors to smaller museums – sound familiar?

One tour we’re particularly psyched about is of the historic movie theaters in town. The walk starts at the Odeon and then moves to the Gambrinus, an old cinema that’s better known today as the Hard Rock Café.

For tour times and more details click here. If you’re interested in any, be sure to make a reservation by February 12.

Bird exhibit at La Specola by Darren and Brad on Flickr

Bird exhibit at La Specola by Darren and Brad

Free Concert at La Specola | February 24

Throughout the spring, music lovers and natural history enthusiasts alike might enjoy free concerts at La Specola, Florence’s Natural History Museum. This particular Sunday features tap dancing in the Fireplace Room, but the lineup includes everything from solo violinists in the Observatory to a full band in the Skeleton Room. Attend each show to see all the different rooms; if you can’t contain your curiosity once inside, pay 6 euro for a full ticket and enjoy a tour of the museum after the concert.

For full dates, times, and details, click here.



  1. It isn’t in February but in March, and it is for free. On 9th March, there are the possibility to visit the buildings “Palazzo Portinari Salviati”, the place where Dante met his muse, Beatrice Portinari. An amazing opportunity to visit an historical fantastic buildings. http://www.cittanascosta.it/eventi.page?docId=299

  2. Thanks Simon! We’re currently pulling together our list of free March events and would love to feature this! If you have any more, keep ’em coming, and be on the lookout for the post next week.

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