upcoming events: april 2013

So you might be thinking, “Ladies, I just saw a pair of oxen pull an exploding cart into Piazza del Duomo and witnessed a sparking dove sprint down the center of Santa Maria del Fiore. What free event could possibly top the Scoppio?” Well loyal lovers of FFF, we’re here to tell you that the rest of the year is not a wash. In fact, April ends on an event so good, so big, and so wild & fancy free, you’ll have Easter amnesia by the time the month is through. Until then, we have a sophisticated palazzo outing, a Sunday doubleheader, and a national holiday to help the time fly by. Your monthly social calendar follows.


Thursday at the Square at Palazzo Strozzi | April 11

This first event really raises the bar for our Florence fantasies. You see, the second Thursday of each month, Palazzo Strozzi holds a free concert, art show, and aperitivo in its open-air courtyard from 7:30 – 10 p.m. Yes, you read that right: next Thursday you could be rubbing elbows with the Florentine elite while nibbling on Italian finger food in the midst of Renaissance architectural greatness. As if that wasn’t good enough, let us remind you that the Strozzina is gratis every Thursday evening from 6 – 11 p.m., so guests can enjoy both spaces on the same night at no cost. We’ve got butterflies just dreaming about it!

Free Concert at La Specola
 | April 14

Somebody cue the music! There’s no better way to usher in spring than with a garden party and al fresco concert. The University of Florence Orchestra will put on a free show in the La Specola Garden at 11 a.m. Click the video above for a past performance at the museum, then visit here for full details on the upcoming event.

Free Museum Sundays | April 14

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we wouldn’t want you to forget that post-concert you can explore a whole host of museums for free today, including Palazzo Vecchio, the Stefano Bardini Museum, the Fondazione Salvatore Romano Museum, the Santa Maria Novella Museum, and the Brancacci Chapel at Santa Maria del Carmine. All you need is a card and a reservation – click here for the details.

Festa della liberazione di Firenze

Festa della liberazione di Firenze by matteorenzi

Festa della Liberazione | April 25

Three cheers for a free Italy! April 25 is a public holiday commemorating the 1945 liberation of the country at the end of World War II. The day is honored with parades and political speeches, which should more than make up for the occasional closing you might encounter while Florentines celebrate their national history.

Concerto in Piazza Mentana, Notte Bianca 2012

Concerto in Piazza Mentana. Notte Bianca 2012 by m4tt0

Notte Bianca | April 30

Still with us, fellow adventurers? We’re glad you’ve got what it takes to see things through, as this final event is not for the faint of heart.  Notte Bianca might sound like a fancy name for another Tuesday night, but in reality it is a marathon of excitement and overstimulation. On this magical, random night, museums, stores, and restaurants host free events until sunrise. We’re talking spontaneous mid-street concerts, late-night picnics in Palazzo Pitti, and DJ dance parties at La Specola; partiers that last until 6 a.m. can even have breakfast with Mayor Matteo Renzi in Palazzo Vecchio! So don your best white duds, double that shot of espresso, and expect to be up all night  celebrating local music, art, and history throughout Florence.

Notte Bianca Florence

Notte Bianca Florence by BananaBuzzbomb

…just be ready to embrace the crowds. We’ll have more on Notte Bianca soon – stay tuned and buon weekend!



  1. carol Schroeder · · Reply

    There was a ceremonial wreath laying in the Duomo’s crypt yesterday on April 16 to mark the anniversary of the death of Brunelleschi in that day in 1476. They then processed to the Palazzo Vecchiio. A man represented Brunelleschi. Drums and long horns and old Florentine garb made for a colourful parade. When I checked online later I saw that there was the same ceremony on Apr 16 in 2011. Perhaps they do this every year? If so, you could list it for April next year. The ceremony started at 4:30 pm near the front door inside the Duomo and they were welcomed by the Bishop at the door.

    1. Thanks Carol! So glad you caught that. We’ve heard about it before but unfortunately it slipped our minds. We are clearly too preoccupied with the end of the month Notte Bianca shebang! We will definitely get it on our calendar. Hope you are enjoying Spring in Firenze! Thanks for following!

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