cheers to one year & a big announcement

Florence for Free had been a beautiful, fanciful fantasy for more than a few years before the first post hit the web. We’d kicked it around on our nightly walks, on long train rides, and over entire pizzas. But taking the leap to press “publish” was another matter entirely: would there be anyone out there as kooky as us to revel in the excitement of free adventures? Armed with a few classic walks and illusions of Fodor’s fame, we held our breath and took the plunge.

Slowly but surely, people outside of our immediate family started to chime in on our tiny corner of the internet. And our guiltiest pleasures (Jersey Shore, anyone?) made the biggest splashes! Turns out, there are a lot of wonderful people out there who are just as fun, free-wheelin’, and a little bit off as we are.

prosecco per due

So tonight, on the one-year anniversary of our first post, let’s all have a prosecco toast to an exciting start under our belts! How will Hannah and I be celebrating? We’ll be apartment hunting in Florence…oh that’s right, because we’ve booked tickets back to our favorite city! It’s only for a brief trip this fall, but we’re not even trying to contain our excitement. You can expect new photos, experiences, and commentary from your two favorite displaced Florentines. We’ve even got a Tuscan villa wedding to feature! We’re seeing a “How to properly crash a fancy Florentine wedding” post in our future (you know, because us budget babes are always keeping it classy like that).

Here’s to you, our fellow adventurers – we couldn’t do it without you! Cin cin!


  1. Congratulations ladies! I rarely comment and will try to rectify that, because I love your blog. It’s imaginative, fun and so well written. It will be wonderful to have you back in beautiful Firenze in the fall. Brave davvero!

    1. grazie mille for your kind words michelle! we’re so glad someone as sharp as you is following along. we’re admirers of your blog, and we love your girl-power take on life in italy (we know it’s not always the easiest). enjoy florence for us until we return!

  2. Carol Schroeder · · Reply

    Thank you for all the work you do! I spent April and May 2013 in Florence for my 4th trip there and your blog has helped me with my very strong withdrawal pains.

    1. withdrawal pains is the reason we write! we definitely understand that! thanks for kind words carol and let us know if there’s ever any particular memory lane you would like us to stroll down!

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