upcoming events: our italian bucket list

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you a break-through in upcoming events. If you follow us regularly, you know this post usually features a synopsis of all the fun, free, Florence things to do in the month ahead. If you’d still like your regular dose of awesome, never fear – our calendar is straight-up stacked with September entertainment. But if you’d like to up your budget-fun quotient this month, read on for how the two of us plan to pass the upcoming time in our favorite city.

Tomorrow marks the start of our triumphant return to Rome (Caesar would be so proud), then Florence. And while we’ve been trying our best to curb the Italy-inspired outbursts (for fear of getting hit upside the head by annoyed family/friends/coworkers), we’re finding it more difficult to do so with each passing day.

…But now that the trip is mere hours away, we’re ready to shout our excitement from the rooftops! We proudly present:


  • Climb the tower of San Nicolo
    It opened just after we left Italy. Climbing to the top tops our list.
  • Take incredible panoramic photos from Forte Belvedere
    Free entry and tours while we’re in town on Sunday, September 8th!  Serendipity, you rock.
  • Enjoy either free yoga or free aperitivo at Easy Living
    We’ll let you guess which is most likely.
  • Classy late-night partying at the Bargello
    Easily in the running for our favorite museum in Florence.
  • Make a stop at a secret bakery
    As our Florentine apartment is right around the corner from one, the alluring scent of freshly baked pastries will guide us home…
  • Visit la Chiesa di San Michele e Gaetano
    Can you believe there’s a free church in city center we haven’t visited? We’re so embarrassed to admit it!
  • Charm our way to a small freebie
    Complimentary limoncello at a restaurant, a leather bracelet from a market…we’re not picky, and no, we’re not above it!
  • Have the most epically artful Thursday night ever
    1st stop – Cafe Balagan at the Synogogue, 2nd stop – Late-night date night with David at the Accademia, 3rd stop – Checking out the glittering ceiling mosaics of the Baptistery under cover of nightfall. This triple-header could easily become the standout lineup of our entire visit!
  • Complete two of our most classic walks
    The San Miniato Walk and the Castle Hike are must-climbs.
  • Eat an entire Gusta heart-shaped pizza each
    While people watching from the steps of Santo Spirito.
  • Participate in the Florence Terraces with a View photo challenge
    The usually exclusive terraces are still open to the public until the end of September!
  • Ride the Piazza Repubblica carousel
    No reason, just a Hannah & Meg tradition
  • Attend a Tuscan wedding in a Fiesole villa overlooking Florence
    Okay, we know not everyone can do this (unless you’re an experienced wedding crasher), but this event is the main attraction of our trip. We can’t wait to celebrate our beautiful friends and the start of their exciting life together!

You might think this is a short list for the likes of us (and we would agree with you!). But, as ambitious as we are, spontaneity is always a big part of the FFF game plan. We like to see where the day takes us – and often it ends with a new walk we’ve never tried before. So our short list is hopefully our readers’ gain, as we expect to return with a few new tours in the coming months!

If you can’t wait until we’re back to hear what we’ve been up to, consider following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on la dolce vita as we see it.

We wish we could take you all with us! Please leave your souvenir requests in the comments. While we can’t promise to fulfill each wish (we’re still plagued by tough budgets), we will lovingly remember you every time we see that Birth of Venus apron or Duomo snowglobe – and maybe we’ll even snap a photo for you.

A dopo! 


  1. So excited and happy for you ladies! You must say hello when you pass by school 🙂

    1. planning on it, michelle! can’t wait to say hello in person. enjoy the start of the new semester!

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