florence goes west

It’s Thursday in Florence and Meg and I are in the throes of our great Italian adventure/reunion/total love-fest. We’ve been eating our weight in gelato, frolicking through the strade, and searching out unknown hidden gems, of course, to share with our loyal readers upon our return (if we don’t cancel our tickets home that is). If you’re reading this from the stuffy confines of your cubicle, missing Florence, or perhaps dreaming of the day you’ll go (believe me, I feel ya), fear not. Your adventure is just around the corner. But until then, to tide you over, seek out a little Florence in your own backyard. Who says you have to be in Italy to wish upon that wild boar’s wet snout or gaze upon the chiseled perfection of David’s abs? To get you started, we pieced together a starter list of where to find replicas of Florence’s two most famous statues – David and The Porcellino – in the United States.

*Replicas of these famous statues are speckled all over the globe, but for brevity’s sake, we started with America. If you have of a little slice of Florence in your hometown, please share!


Buffalo, NY – Delaware Park,

Philadelphia, PA – Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Sarasota, FL – John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

Fullerton, CA – California State University, Fullerton

Glendale, CA – Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Los Angeles, CA – Youngwood Mansion in Hancock Park

Las Vegas, NV – Caesar’s Palace

Sioux Falls, SD – Fawick Park

St. Augustine, FL – Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum

Louisville, KY – 21st Century Museum Hotel

youngwood court

Youngwood Mansion, Los Angeles

The Porcellino
Englewood, CO – Museum of Outdoor Arts
Shreveport, LA – R.W. Norton Art Gallery
Kansas City, MO – Country Club Plaza
New York, New York – Sutton Park
Greenville, SC – Poinsett Plaza
Houston, TX – Rice Village
Lyndon, VT – Lyndon Center
  • Even Boars like Christmas LightsPorcellino in Kansas City by Dale Foshe

Find your local Porcellino, rub his nose and make a wish. Sure you might look a little weird, but I promise that it works (how do you think I got here in the first place).

And until that wish comes true, keep your eyes peeled. The beauty, culture, and traditions of Florence have impacted the world, and sometimes a little Tuscany will fall into your lap when you least expect it.

…like in Vegas

Garden & Fountains - Caesar's Palace - Las Vegas

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas


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