secret bakeries

It’s 2:00 AM in Florence. You spent the last 5 hours feigning fabulous in chic Italian bars, dancing your way through the discoteche, and midnight sightseeing in empty piazze. You can’t imagine the night getting any better. But before you call it a notte, we insist on one last stop. It’s called a secret bakery, and we promise, it is just what you need to catapult your night from great, to epic.


Every night, as Florentines turn out their lights, the secret bakeries turn theirs on. Bakers furiously mix, pour, bake, and fill, throughout the night in order to stock the cafes of the city with tantalizing treats by dawn. However, with this little tip (you’re very welcome), a map, and one euro, you’ll be able to intercept the piping-hot pastries before they leave the kitchen. Secret bakeries are strictly providers. Not allowed to sell pastries directly to the public, the facilities remain unmarked and the underhanded late-night distribution is technically illegal. I have yet to witness a secret bakery sting, but nonetheless, keep voices down and antics to a minimum. You can sniff out a handful of secret bakeries throughout the city on your own. But if you are serious about late night pastry consumption, like us, we recommend clicking here for a comprehensive list.

The secret bakery most near and dear to our tummies however, can be found on Via del Conto Rivolto 2.

Let the wafting scent of warm pastries guide you to the unmarked door in the tucked-away alley. The illuminated windows and clinking pots and pans will assure you that you are in the right spot. Knock on the glass door and wait for the baker to pop his head out. Be ready with your order, as they like to make quick work. We recommend a ciambella or filled bombolone, or probably just both. The baker will return shortly with a small bag of your piping-hot pastries. Delve into the gooey, warm, yeasty treats, followed by a moment to yourself. Trust us, you’ll need it.

Disregard guidebooks that tell you otherwise, and ALWAYS keep secret bakeries in your top ten Florence hit list. And if you strategically choose your Florence lodging based on proximity to said secret bakery….well, let’s just say you’ll get no judgment here.



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  4. Florence is my favorite city in all the world but I learn so many new facts from your blog. It is written in a fashion that just draws me in and I’m so excited to be following you!
    Regarding the secret bakeries, I cannot wait to head back to Firenze and try many of these. My mouth is actually watering right now!

    1. renate, you’re too sweet! we’re glad you’re enjoy it as much as we love writing it! and yes, i agree, warm bomboloni at 3 am haunt my cravings.

      1. Oooohhhh! I have my list started! Thanks, Hannah. (I have to tell you, this fabulous blog of yours is my very favorite. You’ve got a huge fan in me!)

        Best to you, Renate

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