upcoming events: november 2013

What better way to kick off November than with a three-day weekend? Sure, some things might be closed today (it’s a national bank holiday), but what awaits during the rest of the month is worth the slow start. In fact, there’s one event in particular – a Florence for Free original – that we can’t WAIT to share with you. We hope you’ll partake – read on to find out more!


{ Mandrake, the band performing at this month’s Giovedi al Quadrato }

Music Around the City | November 2 – 9

While you’re passing time waiting for the most EXCITING event of the month (hint: it’s listed next), treat your ears to these three very different musical experiences. Saturday, November 2nd, you can check out a free Gregorian Chant concert in the Santa Croce Refectory. This month’s Thursday at the Square follows on November 7th with cool cats Mandrake performing pop tunes for the fashionable crowd gathered at Palazzo Strozzi. Complete the trifecta on Saturday, November 9th by enjoying the Florence Choir’s renditions of traditional tunes surrounded by the grandeur of the Salone del Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio. After a week serenaded by some of the area’s most talented musicians, your ear will be perfectly tuned for the cultural trivia we will be throwing your way for…

FFF + Patrik Lundell Present The Free Art Walk

Our FREE ART WALK with Patrik Lundell! | November 15

Excuse the all-caps, but WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Equal parts scavenger hunt, art show and culture walk, Florence for Free has teamed up with local artist Patrik Lundell for an interactive tour that is unlike any other the city has seen. Patrik originally hails from Stockholm and was recently featured in the The Florentine’s Expats in Florence. In addition to being a full-fledged artist, he also collects recycled pieces of cardboard, creates unique works of art on them, and then leaves the works around the city for explorers to snatch up each Friday.

Considering his ethos very nicely matched ours (free, sustainable & art appreciation) we found it only natural to team up for a free art walk that celebrates the best of Florence, both past and present. On that Friday, we will release a walk with 20 locations; to reach each stop, you’ll have to solve an art history trivia question about past Florentine creative greats. But the reward will be sweet: at each point, a piece of original artwork by Patrik himself will be waiting, and it’s yours for the taking! Now, there are two tricks to this: 1. try to get to your chosen spot fast, as the first one to reach each location will claim the artwork; and 2. don’t worry if you haven’t brushed up on your art history, the answers to each of our trivia questions can be found on this blog!

We’ll announce all the details, like start times and small hints, as the day comes closer. But what do you think? A little brain power is all it takes to get a piece of original artwork while touring our beautiful city? THIS is what FFF lives for! Stay tuned!

DSC_3246 by Firenze Marathon on Flickr

{ observer, supporter, or athlete? your choice! } by Firenze Marathon

Firenze  Marathon | November 24

This year marks the 30th time this race will wind its way through the streets of our favorite city. Even if you didn’t think to bring your running shoes to Florence (or aren’t up for a leisurely 26.2-mile stroll), cheering on from the sidelines will still max out your endorphins without fully taxing your form. Plus,  moral support is the only payment required for observing all the action. Looking to run? The sooner you register, the more funds you’ll save. If you’re hoping to avoid the crowds, here’s the route to avoid today.

Santa Croce Christmas Market by Matt Loiacono on Flickr

{ a spice stall at the market } Santa Croce Christmas Market by Matt Loiacono

The Santa Croce German Christmas Market | November 27 – December 15

If we hadn’t outdone ourselves with The Free Art Walk, the start of this event definitely would have been the highlight of our month. This traditional German Christmas Market, or Weihnachtsmarktbrings the best of Bavaria to the Santa Croce piazza. Mulled cider, giant pretzels, and German ornaments surprisingly fit perfectly here; wandering through these stalls is like taking a free, festive mini-trip to the Alps! Open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day; here’s the link for more info.


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