the free art walk

*Update: This round of the Free Art Walk is now over, but riddles and answers are posted below for those interested!

FFF + Patrik Lundell Present The Free Art Walk

The Free Art Walk is here!

  • Solve as many of the riddles below as you can (they are all specific locations, and they can all be found within this blog).
  • Visit as many of the resulting locations as you’d like (on your own or with friends – this is a self-guided excursion!).
  • If you’re the first to get to your chosen destination (or the person before you was kind), you’ll find an original piece of art by Patrik to claim as your prize.
  • Take a picture with (or of) it and tag #freeartwalk on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to help us keep track of artwork already discovered and claimed.
  • Spend the afternoon or evening searching at your own pace. You can do the walk at any time of day. Just remember, the first person to reach each spot will have first dibs at the artwork.
  • At 8 p.m. tonight, stop by Patrik’s artist talk at Volume.
  • While there, get your artwork signed and meet our in-country FFF friend, Megan!

A final surprise for our out-of-city friends:

We haven’t forgotten about our long-distance Florence lovers! If you can only partake in the Free Art Walk virtually, we have a special opportunity for you. Send us an email today (Friday, November 15th) at with answers to each of the riddles. If you correctly solve all 20, you’ll be entered to win one of two original pieces by Patrik!
*Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email.

Enough chitchat…ready, set, go!

Find the explorer-friendly (a.k.a. printable) list of these riddles here.

Solve them all? Stumped on one? Find riddles with answers here.



  1. Very clever, ladies! I had an appt this morning and then my husband insisted on a quick trip to Ikea. I am guessing that everything is solved by now (almost 2). Oh well. I think I have them all, but not #8. I’ll have to think more about that one. Please give us an update and let us know how may folks participated. It was a really cool idea!
    Emily C xo

    1. hi emily! we definitely understand the necessary ikea run. while we’ve heard chatter about going, no one has confirmed that they’ve picked up the free art yet! so if you wanted to venture out to a site, a prize might still be yours! thanks for participating, we’re sure #8 will come to you…

  2. Shoot! I think I just figured out #8. Something immediately came to mind, but I had not known before the “bird” connection. Now, do I have time to dash into the Centro from Piazza Liberta before I have to be back in this neighborhood to pick up my granddaughter from school? Sorry, I don’t know how to take a photo and send it to you. Let’s see what I can do in the next hour…
    Emily xo

    1. haha! brava! and no pressure, do as much or as little as you please 🙂

    2. oh and if you can’t make it out, email us your answers ( and we’ll put you in the running for the other two pieces!

  3. This is awesome! I love the fun riddles. Has all of the artwork been found? Oh how I wish i was in Florence today!

    1. our friends in florence are telling us it looks like most has been picked up. BUT we still have two pieces we are holding for a couple participants who email meg and i the riddles solved correctly. email there’s still art up for grabs!

  4. Hi again, ladies. I certainly had a fun time running around the city, and actually went by all the spots except for Piazzale Michelangelo and the Bardini. But there were no signs of Patrik’s street art. Even at the English Cemetery, which I sort of thought might not be passed by many people. Part of me hopes that some folks doing the “treasure hunt” found them, but the other part hopes that just regular folks picked them up in the spirit of street art. I wasn’t that bummed at not finding any of his pieces; I was feeling pretty proud of myself for being able to answer the riddles fairly easily. I may not yet have my renewed Permesso in my wallet, but I know my Renaissance art history and Florence!
    Thanks for a fun exercise! You are smart cookies!
    Emily C xo

    1. emily, we’re so happy to hear you had fun playing along! way to go on nailing the riddles. we still have a couple works up for grabs. if you email us at with the correct answers to the riddles we will put you in the running for one of those pieces!

  5. After all the prizes have been claimed, would you mind posting the answers so that people can continue to play even without prizes? The rhymes are great, well done!

    1. hi madeline! yes we plan on posting the answers this weekend. first we are giving everyone who didn’t get a chance to do the walk today take a stab at the riddles and submit their answers to meg and i. patrik still has two works of art to give away! if you want to take a shot shoot your answers to or watch for the answers to come out this weekend. thanks for following!

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