pitti uomo: the most attractive 4 days of the year

Florence is a lucky place for a girl to find herself. Florence, the first week of January … well you just hit the jackpot girlfriend.

Considered the men’s fashion capital of the world, it is no surprise that Pitti Uomo, a sector of Pitti Immagine, is hosted in Florence bi-annually, in both early January and June. Pitti Uomo is a 4-day fair in which men’s fashion vendors, designers, and models from all over the world descend on Florence to buy, sell, and set trends. The price tag on attending the main events that are hosted at the Fortezza da Basso on the west side of the old town, don’t quite fit the Florence for Free standards. However, Pitti Uomo also, hosts free events, performances, and best of all, some seriously well-dressed eye candy for the general public. Pitti Uomo 85 begins Tuesday, January 7, 2014 and will continue until the 10th. So please, find yourself a bench and let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of a perfectly tailored suite garnished with an ascot. It’s art.


Pitti Immagine, an Italian company whose mission is to promote fashion internationally, was born out of the burgeoning fashion industry in Florence in the early 1950’s. The Sala Bianca of Pitti Palace hosted their first fashion show in 1951. The creation of Pitti Immagine, the popularity of the Sala Bianca fashion shows, and the tourism appeal of Florence internationally, made this city the perfect breeding ground for the Italian fashion movement. It was in this decade that Made in Italy began to gain international success. From the movement, Florence became the beacon of style, quality, and class that is inseparable from its identity today. The first official Pitti Uomo fair was held in Florence in 1972 to bring together the Italian fashion industry.  As Italy is home to Gucci, Pucci, Cavali, Ferragamo, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Versace, Valentino, etc, we can hardly be surprised that the event quickly became the most important fair for men’s fashion internationally.


To plan your people watching, peruse the Pitti Uomo schedule of events. We personally recommend finding yourself a reason to run errands near the Fortezza during the day and an evening stroll down the fashionable Via Tornabuoni and through Piazza della Repubblica that night. Often times the cocktail parties inside our favorite fashion houses spill into the streets, allowing us to fantasize that our name actually is on the guest list.  Keep your eyes peeled for your favorite designers, celebrities, and perhaps even Meg and my demigod – The Sartorialist. And as always, play it cool. Performances for the public will also be held for your delight throughout the week.

When it comes to men’s fashion, consider Florence your sartorial sage and Pitti Uomo the best class you’ll ever attend. Thanks to @pitti_immagine on Instagram we can all indulge in the perfection that is Pitti Uomo this week.

Ladies, enjoy. Men, take notes.
















  1. Oh god I arrive in Florence the 10th! Wish I could have been earlier to see all the eye candy.. Haha!

  2. round two is in June!

  3. I started to “like” this post 5 or more times….but had to control myself…..OMG!! These pictures sure warm up the cold weather…….

  4. […] Pitti Uomo, the largest men’s fashion event in the world, occurs twice a year in Florence, in January and June. If you are wondering why twice a year, we are wondering why not more?! While a pricey […]

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