free museums for residents in 2014

Domenica del Fiorentino is back for 2014! As we reported last year, there’s one Sunday almost every month when Florence’s civic museums encourage residents to see what’s in their own backyard.  It starts this Sunday, January 12, when you can gain free entry to the Palazzo Vecchio (including the Torre di Arnolfo), the Stefano Bardini Museum, the Fondazione Salvatore Romano Museum, the Santa Maria Novella Museum, the Forte di Belvedere, the Museo del Novecento, and the Brancacci Chapel at Santa Maria del Carmine. It will continue on the second Sunday of each month (except July and August) for the rest of the year.

Vista dalla Torre di Arnolfo by Alessandro Giannini

Vista dalla Torre di Arnolfo by Alessandro Giannini

Here’s how to pass through the lines fee-free on a Florentine Sunday:

1. Go to one of these places around the city and register for a Un Bacione a Firenze card (you have to be a citizen or resident of Florence, but students might qualify). It’s free to sign up. Or, if you have an identity card, you can use that, too!

2. Each month, check out the list of tours and activities (posted on this homepage the week before) happening at participating museums. Pick your favorites and make reservations (if required) for your chosen events. Space is limited so we recommend you move quickly! If just looking to wander the museums, you’ll be able to during the following hours: Palazzo Vecchio (9.00-24.00), Santa Maria Novella (13.00-17.00 ), Stefano Bardini Museum (open 11.00-17.00), Fondazione Salvatore Romano (10.00-16.00), Museo del Novecento (10.00-21.00), and Forte di Belvendere (open 10.00-20.00).*

3. Bask in the glory of accessing one (or more) of these historical landmarks for FREE. Bragging rights included.

4. Finally, don’t lose your Bacione card. These Sundays occur each month (except July and August) throughout the year, giving you more opportunities to see the sights. Each time, we’ll highlight all activities special offerings right here.

*Updated November 4th.

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