upcoming events: april 2014

Can someone tell me if there is a light at the end of this winter tunnel? I, who thought had made it through the season unscathed by illness, was brought down by a killer head cold and a final stateside snow storm this week (hence the delay in posting – apologies!). So, in addition to hot tea and more sleep, I added “Florence spring events” research to my list of remedies. Luckily, this mood-boosting April lineup seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. Five spring opportunities follow here, with more goodies on the calendar.

Inside the Odeon Firenze by Claudio Ripoli

Inside the Odeon Firenze by Claudio Ripoli

April 1 | Pontormo: A Heretical Love at the Odeon

So many of my favorite things here, folks: movies, Mannerist artists, and the Odeon. Plus, it’s all free. On Tuesday night at 8:30 p.m., the Odeon will show Pontormo: A Heretical Love, a 2004 film about the final days of Jacopo Carucci (a.k.a. Pontormo) and his love for a mute woman accused of being a witch. This screening is part of a larger, beautiful friendship between the Odeon and Palazzo Strozzi. Besides being tied together though history, these two Florentine staples like to coordinate their cultural events from time to time, and – lucky for us – they often come free. This time around, the Odeon will host free screenings on Tuesday nights of films inspired by the two shows currently up at the neighboring museum. Visit here for the full lineup; admission is free (depending on availability).

From Marble to Flesh

Now until April 17 | From Marble to Flesh: The Biography of Michelangelo’s David on Kickstarter

This one is for all my fellow displaced Florence-lovers out there. The ones who read these monthly event listings while their hearts ache, knowing they can’t be a part of all the dynamic things happening in our adopted city. Well, finally an “event” where we all can participate! In addition to the internet being a wonderful thing and making our blog possible, it’s also an incredible place to share and support projects – like that of art historian Victor Coonin. He set out to answer THE question: Why is the David so famous? In this book, Victor will follow the marble celebrity though history to present day to solve that conundrum.

With so many books about the David already published, what makes this one so special? Well, with a quick Kickstarter donation, anyone can contribute their very own part to the story of David and have it proven in print.  Just $5 gets your name printed in the book!

Right now you’re probably thinking, “FFF, are you asking me to part with money?” Before you go skipping to the next event, let’s think about this. Here’s a chance to participate in the Florentine community no matter where you are in the world. For every Notte Bianca you’ve missed, for every Giovedi al Quadrato you’ve mourned from afar, you now have an exciting and artistic way to support our favorite city.

If you’re not convinced yet, just look at it this way – the more you donate, the more “free” stuff you get! Subscriptions to The Florentine and (our favorite) David aprons are just two of the added perks. If you’re interested in helping out, visit here.

Amore piange sulla tomba di Psiche by Roberto Ferri

Amore piange sulla tomba di Psiche by Roberto Ferri

Now until April 26 | Roberto Ferri and the Eternity of Painting

First things first – have you signed up for The Florentine’s weekly event newsletter? It’s published each Thursday and provides a 7-day dose of  top happenings around the city. Not all the events are free, but this week’s post tipped us off to a new show that is gratuitaRoberto Ferri and the Eternity of Painting. From The Florentine:

Contemporary Italian artist and painter Roberto Ferri is inspired by Baroque painters and other old masters of Romanticism. His new exhibition, Roberto Ferri e l’eternità della pittura, contains around 15 paintings that depict perfectly realistic anatomical representations of the human body, natural poses and life-like expressions. Another iconic aspect of his painting, which can be observed here, is the harmony between good and evil.

The show is on display at the ETRA Events Gallery, which sounds like a space worth a visit in itself. According to its About page, this location might be where Cellini cast his Perseus. I mean, for real?! Am I even reading this right?  Not only does the show seem great and the space look intriguing, but this is where Medusa’s bronze head first spooked any onlookers? Can someone please do some immediate research and report back on this? Hours are Tuesday-Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Via della Pergola 57. (Thank you in advance for your on-site scoping-out skills.)

The White Oxen by kimbar

The White Oxen by kimbar

April 20 | Easter Sunday

Florentines have celebrated Pasqua for almost 400 years with an electrifying event called the Scoppio del Carro, or the “explosion of the cart.” Highlights include: a procession of musicians and flag throwers led by a pair of dressed-up oxen pulling a cart rigged with explosives, a (fake) dove propelled by sparks that shoots through the Santa Maria del Fiore, and close to 10 minutes of pyrotechnics set off right between the Duomo and the Baptistery. Make your way down to the Duomo early (around 9 a.m.) so you’ll have a front-row view of the controlled madness. The parade starts at 10 a.m. and the light show around 11 a.m. For a full explanation of the carro craziness, see Hannah’s post here.

Photo by Moggi for Florence Design Week

Photo by Moggi for Florence Design Week

April 22 – May 1 | Florence Design Week

Is everyone around the city looking extra chic this week? Make sure to dust off your best-looking duds because Design Week is taking over Florence. “Professionals from all over the world, companies, universities, buyers, art directors, enthusiasts, artists will gather in Florence, in the heart of the city, in the most beautiful days of the year, for an all-round experience of LifeStyle, Pleasure, Art de Vivre in the name of business and conviviality.” Here’s a map to help you navigate your way between “Food and Drink Zones” and “Cool Places”  with a program of events to boot.

That was a long one, but it was worth it. April seems full of promise. Buh-bye cold and buh-bye cold weather, I’m moving onto bigger and better.

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