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You probably haven’t heard yet, but Christmas is almost here! Wait, you have heard? Everywhere you turn someone is mentioning the birth of baby Jesus? So you CAN believe it’s almost time to celebrate? We at FFF also wanted to join in on the Christmas commotion, but we got a bit behind having too much fun reading other writers’ posts. Then we thought, why not share a few of them and spread the holiday cheer? This is the season of giving, after all! So read on below for our holiday round-up: these are a few of our favorite links (…and off I go to sing Sound of Music all day long).

Four Seasons Firenze

The festivities are full-tilt (and affordable!) at Four Seasons Firenze

  • As admitted art history nerds, we can’t get enough of ArtTrav’s Top 5 Christmas gift ideas from Renaissance Florence. Trout, anyone?
  • If you’re still looking for gifts for your, uh, more modern Florentine friends, we highly recommend Lost in Florence’s recent series on “Dapper Florence.”
  • How to pump up the holiday spirit by day: visit one of the many holiday markets! As we mentioned in this month’s events, Georgette’s got them all listed and mapped here (scroll a bit towards the bottom).
  • How to pump up the holiday spirit by night: take our lights walk! When you make it to the Oltrarno, be sure to add a detour down Via Romana–many a Florentine pal has been gushing about the bike lights featured there this year.
  • Not sure how to properly express all your Christmas cheer in Italian? We recommend starting at The Iceberg Project, a free online resource for learning the language.
  • If you’re trying to anticipate your first Christmas Day meal in Italy, take cues from Emiko Davies. Here, she explains some of the classic Tuscan dishes that might make their way to your tabletop.
  • This one might seem a little off-holiday, but every time we see a “blub” street art in Florence, it certainly brings us joy. Tiana scored an interview with the anonymous artist behind L’arte sa nuotare that is a pleasure to read. Maybe the blub-master will feature a Madonna and Child soon, and then we can call it festive?
  • Are you dreaming of a Florentine Christmas from afar? The Florentine’s Facebook Christmas album will take you on a stroll through the twinkling strade. We also recommend checking out these Tuscan Instagrammers for a feed full of sparkling streets and cheery piazze.
  • We’ve saved the best for last: head to the Four Seasons this Sunday, December 14 for its annual winter Open Day. There, the gates to the Parco della Gherardesca will be open for an extraordinary family event, featuring a children’s train, Christmas market, vin brulee, music, chestnuts and more. There is a minimum 1 euro donation at the door, but all proceeds go to the Istituto degli Innocenti, so we recommend giving a bit more if you can. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with entrance at Via Gino Capponi 54. (Psst! While there, sneak inside for a free peek at their incredible holiday decorations. We’ve featured just a small slice of it above. Four Seasons does Christmas right!)

And that’s our Florence activity wish list. Buon Natale, tutti!


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