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Hello, friends! February has been kind to us so far, as we recently found out that we’ve been nominated in Italy Magazine’s Blog Awards again this year! Our post, 8 Tips for Maximizing Your Time in Florence, has been selected as a contender for Best Single Travel Post. We couldn’t be happier to be listed among some great blogs we read regularly (like Green Holiday Italy, Italian Fix and Bella Bagni di Lucca) as well as discovered some wonderful ones (weve fallen hard for i diari della lambretta).

Perusing that collection inspired us to make our own list of some Italy articles we’ve been reading lately. Below is a brief round-up of everything from Oltrarno artisans to permesso di soggiorno instructions. We hope there’s something in there for everyone–even those of us that are longing for Italy from a distance.

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Book browsing by Silvia Sani

Book browsing by Silvia Sani

Conde Nast Traveler: 10 Books to Inspire Your Next Trip to Italy (Jan. 21)

Craving a bit of la dolce vita in your life? The books on this list should do the trick. A few classics on here, as well as some we’d never heard of.

Savoring Italy: Your Own Private Uffizi (guest post by Alexandra Lawrence) (Jan. 12)

Our love and admiration for Alexandra Lawrence is no secret. So when a post popped up on Savoring Italy, authored by Alexandra and promising “your own private Uffizi,” we’re all in. Tuck this one away for your next visit.

A Dusty Olive Green: The 10 Best Cafes in Florence (Feb. 3)

Our friend Birgitte has been posting some wonderful Florentine round-ups lately: where to grab a quick bite, where to shop, where to eat if you’re vegan or vegetarian, and so on. Our personal favorite? This one here.

Girl in Florence: What to Do in Florence on a Monday (Feb. 2)

Having a case of the Mondays is bad enough, but it’s exacerbated in a place like Italy where many things are closed for business. Well, never hit that weekday slump again with Georgette’s round-up of places to go on any lunedì.

Too Much Tuscany: Florence Oltrarno: 3 Artisans’ Workshops (Jan. 7)

Prepare to be charmed as Valentina introduces us to three artisans on the Oltrarno and discusses how they carry on artistic practices dating back to the likes of Cellini.

Rick’s Rome: Helpful Resources: Permesso di Soggiorno Documents

Last but certainly not least, we saw more than a few people share this over the past few months, and for good reason. Rick of Rick’s Rome, a wonderful blog with an approachable host that isn’t afraid to walk newbies through the landmines of Italian bureaucracy (brave man!), took the time to type up a full walk-through of the promesso di soggiorno process. It’s an awful one, but Rick’s write up can help you feel less defeated by sharing in your struggles.


  1. Thank you so much for the mention Hannah and Meg, we are so happy that you guys got nominated yet again for ITALY Mag, very well deserved and I’m happy you discovered some new blogs you like. There is so much great reading this month, i’m constantly impressed with just how many more resources exists now than when I first came in 2005… Grazie ancora!

    1. grazie a te georgette! i know…it’s so much easier with blogs these days. and it’s helped us get to know so many awesome people!

  2. Thanks for the mention. It is fun to be nominated. Good luck.

    1. our pleasure debra! love your blog, and good luck to you as well!

  3. Thank you so much girls! I’m honored to be on your blog 🙂 This is a great list! Ciao 🙂

    1. birgitte, your work is so beautiful, we’d have you on our blog anytime 🙂 ciao ciao!

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