upcoming events: october 2015

Usually these event posts are a bit bittersweet. It’s awesome to see so many free (and budget-friendly) things to do in Florence, but it’s sad we’re not there to take part. Luckily, I’ll be making a return visit next month! If you’re in town, I’d love to see you. Until then I’ll be counting down the days via our calendar (which also includes other events of note, like #Domenicalmuseo on October 4th, the Florence Biennale from October 17-25th, the unveiling of the restored Baptistry on October 25th, and the opening of the new Museo dell’Opera del Duomo on October 29th).

Palazzo Corsini

Palazzo Corsini

Biannual International Antiques Fair | September 26-October 4

A world-renowned fair, the Biennale internazionale dell’antiquario di Firenze (BIAF) is full of antique statues, paintings, pottery, and other collectibles destined to be on display in both public and private collections. We’re guessing your Florentine budget doesn’t include buying a pricey antique, but we think you should still commit to getting a ticket (last time it was only 10 euro). You’ll get to explore Palazzo Corsini and brush elbows with a few celebrities (perhaps even Jeff Koons!), and check out artwork not usually on display for public view. Plus, a Biennale ticket will also get you ingresso libero to the Salvatore Ferragamo museum and reduced entry to the Museo Stibbert. For hours, pictures and the history of the event, visit here.


Bellissima: Via Maggio x BIAF | September 26-October 4

Speaking of the BIAF, there will be free opportunities to celebrate the happening as well. From the Florentine: “[On Via Maggio and the surrounding streets] shops, galleries and restaurants will open their doors for aperitivi, lectures and more. Throughout the week of festivities, St. Mark’s is organizing an opera flash mob; new bookshop Edizioni Clichy will turn into  an old-style literary salon; Casa Guidi will be open for visits; Tornabuoni Arte Antica hosts a jazz night; and families can watch and participate in live-painting sessions. When you get hungry, head to special tastings at Gusta Pizza and Gelateria Santa Trinita.” This Saturday, there will be an entire evening’s worth of activities starting at 4 p.m.; view the entire program here and RSVP at the Facebook event here.


Music in Markets | Saturdays in October

We covered this happening last month, but we think it’s worth another mention. At 9 p.m. each Saturday evening, musicians will perform pieces under the logge of Florence’s historic markets. So you can wind down every week under the stars, taking in a new musical experience at a different historic setting. For each night’s location and lineup, take a peek at the program here.

The crypt by Tiigra

The crypt by Tiigra

Festa di Santa Reparata | October 8

Move over, St. John the Baptist, and make way for Santa Reparata, Florence’s lesser known patron saint.  The Florentine explains, “Santa Reparata’s miraculous intercession in 406 CE helped Florence defeat an insurgence of the Ostrogoths, led by King Radagaiso, who had besieged the city. Because of her role in maintaining ancient Florence’s independence and the triumph of Christianity over the barbarians, Santa Reparata was named patron of the city and the city’s then main cathedral was dedicated to her.” In fact, the crypt under Santa Maria del Fiore is indeed the remains of the original cathedral, Santa Reparata.

Although there aren’t fireworks like there are for San Giovanni, the city still puts on a good show for her feast day every October 8th. The annual historical parade normally departs from Plagio di Parte Guelfa at 3:45 p.m. and arrives at the Duomo at 4:30 p.m. There, a candle and wreath are offered to the patroness.

A view in the Castello gardens by HEN-Magonza

A view in the Castello gardens by HEN-Magonza

FAIMARATHON | October 18

FAIMarathon encourages Italians everywhere to see their surroundings with new eyes. Across 130 locations, there will be various walks and tours held to help participants discover and rediscover hidden gems in their own neighborhoods–an exercise we wholly support. In Florence, the theme is “Back to Medici: The Private Lives of the Dukes and Granddukes,” which explores four different locations (many with guided tours). One of them is the garden of Villa Castello–which is especially dear to this girl, who wrote her thesis on the grotto there. Now’s the time to go see it! For all the details, visit here.

October is arguably one of the best months in which to enjoy Florence. So go out and enjoy it! Even schedule an extra passeggiata or two. Alla prossima!

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