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blog hop: hanging out with hannah & meg

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a little behind-the-scenes glance at what makes the writers of this blog tick. Now, you might be thinking, “Who cares about you ladies? We’re here for the freebies!” We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. But for those of you who have reached out to us with questions about […]

Thank you!

thank you & welcome!

For us, Valentine’s Day came a few days early this year.  Our awesome readers’ outpouring of love helped FFF win Best Italy Travel Blog from Italy Magazine! The announcement was made yesterday, and it took us a full day to get over our shock. While few things make us speechless (have you seen the length of […]


Buon Natale Tutti! So we were planning on sending each and everyone of you a plane ticket to Florence for Christmas, but then we were like, “No, let’s not be stingy. They would much rather get a great big digital bear hug.” You’re welcome! We are infinitely grateful for all of our followers, whether you […]

a reflection upon return

While we wish this was a post saying we dropped everything, realized our folly on the plane ride back, and are en route to our adopted homeland permanently… There’s no international mystery here. We’re firmly rooted in reality this week. We’re catching up on missed work and dealing with day-to-day drudgery. While it would be […]

cheers to one year & a big announcement

Florence for Free had been a beautiful, fanciful fantasy for more than a few years before the first post hit the web. We’d kicked it around on our nightly walks, on long train rides, and over entire pizzas. But taking the leap to press “publish” was another matter entirely: would there be anyone out there […]


I don’t know about you, but when I’m walking around Florence, I often think, “There just aren’t enough churches.” The skyline is spotted with spiritual domes and spires, but what if any of those aren’t just right, Goldilocks? Then it’s time to head to Orsanmichele, the granary-turned-worship house with unique architecture, masterful sculpture, panoramic city […]

downtown florence through an orange tree in the rose garden

benvenuti tutti!

Hey everyone! We’re Hannah and Meg – two ordinary American girls that took a big trip to Italy. We were lucky enough to receive fellowships to study art history in Florence for a year, a dream opportunity with a (very) limited budget. Florence is quite the walking town, and we spent many days and nights […]