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Madonna of the Snow by Sassetta

upcoming events: december 2013

Is there any time or place more magical than Christmas in Florence? (If you want to argue that question, Hannah will outsmart and outlast you, I promise.) Here are the festive events that top our list (don’t forget to check the calendar for more free things to do!).  If you can only celebrate digitally, check out […]

Giambologna’s Appennino by Gianluca Savi on Flickr

upcoming events: october 2013

This is a long one, so we’ll cut right to the chase: October is our favorite month, here are our top-five free events, check out the calendar page for more awesome things to do! Astronomic Observations at Villa Demidoff (Pratolino) | Thursdays in October Everyone talks about the Tuscan sun, but few take the time to […]

Siena Palio

upcoming events: august 2013

Who hasn’t been looking forward to August? In Italy, it’s the month where everyone enjoys vacanza and takes to the beaches rather than stay in the cities. On this side of the Atlantic, it marks the month these two ladies make their triumphant, albeit too brief, return to some of our favorite Italian cities – […]

upcoming events: june 2013

Ahh, June! The official start of summer. The days are longer this month than any other (well, for us Northern Hemisphere folk), meaning there are more hours in every day to keep exploring our beautiful city. Here’s your next installment of the top free things you could do to wile away the upcoming weeks. Check […]


upcoming events: may 2013

We’re back, as promised, and hoping that everyone made a full recovery from the mid-week festivities. Because there’s so much more to see and do this month! The first few weeks of May are arguably when Florence is at its finest: vibrant wisteria is casually draped all over the city, all other flowers are bursting […]

notte bianca

It’s finally here! The night we’ve waited for all month, and the event that pretty much sums up what Florence for Free is all about – Notte Bianca. Well ok, technically it’s not until Tuesday, but for the night Florence has in store for you, we have some preparing to do. Writing about the “white night” is […]

easter with a bang: the scoppio del carro

This Sunday is Easter. And if you are in, around, or even a train ride away from Florence, you will be in Piazza del Duomo come 11 AM Sunday morning. Oh, I’m sorry, you had brunch plans with the Pope? You’ll have to reschedule. The historic Scoppio del Carro (explosion of the cart) is a […]

Pasen in Florence by twaalfdozijn

upcoming events: march 2013

Here it is! Your monthly installment of the best free things to do, see, and hear around the city. March is jam-packed with events, holidays, and exploding carts full of fireworks, so let’s skip the small talk and jump right to it! Festa della Donna | March 8 Ladies, time to drop what you’re doing […]

party time: carnevale

Carnevale 2014 Update: Carnival at Cascine Park | March 1-2, 4 Jugglers, acrobats, magicians and more will line Cascine Park from 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. There are walkways and pavilions filled with entertaining workshops, tasty food carts, and even a few clowns. Safe to say there’s something to keep both adults and tikes happy. […]

Christmas in Florence at Night by mookiefl, on Flickr

upcoming events: december 2012

Tis the season! Well, technically it’s still the rainy season, but soon Florence will emerge much drier and brighter. Twinkling lights strung above city streets and a full array of free events will help you get into the holiday spirit. How best to celebrate? We have some suggestions: Weihnachtsmarkt Piazza Santa Croce is ready to […]