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florens 2012: free culture all week!

For culture enthusiasts like us, the Florens project is a biennial gift of free art installations, lectures, and aperitivo hours. All encourage conversation around a central theme: “culture is the quality of life.” The weeklong event not only celebrates Florence’s unique, thriving culture but also challenges its accepted norms, on topics ranging from fashion to […]

weekend warriors: oktoberfest and winetown

We’re on an events kick! Here are a few can’t-miss festivals to fill your weekend. When I heard that my favorite city was celebrating my favorite season with a (free!) Oktoberfest at Piazzale Michelangelo, I nearly tried to resurrect the Mayflower from nearby Plymouth, MA to ship me back to Italy. The Bavarian brew-ha-ha kicked […]

festa della rificolona

Alright all you seasoned travelers and sophisticated students, we know that you came to Europe to find yourself, prove your independence, and indulge your mature tastes in art and culture (ehem, well sorta), but for this one, Meg and I need you to rewind and get back in touch with that inner kid … This […]

Lacrime di San Lorenzo by Spinool, on Flickr

feast day of san lorenzo

Today – August 10th – is the feast day of San Lorenzo, an all-day and night event loaded with free parties, food, and even shooting stars. Legend has it that Roman Emperor Valerian ordered San Lorenzo’s execution during his persecution of the Christian Church in 258 A.D. Instead of giving away church secrets while roasting […]

feast day of san giovanni

After being an ex-pat for the past year and a half, I felt that I had some making up to do to my country when the 4th of July showed up yesterday. So, like a true patriot, I suited up in my American flag bikini, found my best pair of cut off jean shorts, and slipped […]