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Synagogue by Johnk85 on Flickr

upcoming events: july 2014

To all our American readers, Happy 4th of July! We’re busy celebrating stateside, but, as per usual, Florence needs no specific reason to celebrate the start of summer. Instead, the city’s calendar is already packed with activities of all types to fit every interest. Here are five, but make sure to check the calendar for even more, including interactive […]

torre di arnolfo: the tower of palazzo vecchio

This weekend is a spring shower of free-ness. Saturday, March 8, is the Festa della Donna (aka terrific lady day) in which you get free things just for being a girl (nothing new there, am I right ladies?!). For all you jealous fellas, Sunday is a Domenica del Fiorentino, meaning civic museums will not be […]

free museums for residents in 2014

Domenica del Fiorentino is back for 2014! As we reported last year, there’s one Sunday almost every month when Florence’s civic museums encourage residents to see what’s in their own backyard.  It starts this Sunday, January 12, when you can gain free entry to the Palazzo Vecchio (including the Torre di Arnolfo), the Stefano Bardini Museum, the Fondazione Salvatore Romano Museum, the Santa […]

Madonna of the Snow by Sassetta

upcoming events: december 2013

Is there any time or place more magical than Christmas in Florence? (If you want to argue that question, Hannah will outsmart and outlast you, I promise.) Here are the festive events that top our list (don’t forget to check the calendar for more free things to do!).  If you can only celebrate digitally, check out […]

the brancacci chapel

Short skirts, fist fights and the world’s first side eye. Today, we’re going to the Brancacci Chapel – and I promise, it’s so much more than your study abroad art history assignment. While normally the Brancacci Chapel would leave a whopping 4 euro dent in your wallet, we’re going the stingy way, per usual, and […]

upcoming events: june 2013

Ahh, June! The official start of summer. The days are longer this month than any other (well, for us Northern Hemisphere folk), meaning there are more hours in every day to keep exploring our beautiful city. Here’s your next installment of the top free things you could do to wile away the upcoming weeks. Check […]


upcoming events: may 2013

We’re back, as promised, and hoping that everyone made a full recovery from the mid-week festivities. Because there’s so much more to see and do this month! The first few weeks of May are arguably when Florence is at its finest: vibrant wisteria is casually draped all over the city, all other flowers are bursting […]

Concerto in Piazza Mentana. Notte Bianca 2012 by m4tt0

upcoming events: april 2013

So you might be thinking, “Ladies, I just saw a pair of oxen pull an exploding cart into Piazza del Duomo and witnessed a sparking dove sprint down the center of Santa Maria del Fiore. What free event could possibly top the Scoppio?” Well loyal lovers of FFF, we’re here to tell you that the […]

Pasen in Florence by twaalfdozijn

upcoming events: march 2013

Here it is! Your monthly installment of the best free things to do, see, and hear around the city. March is jam-packed with events, holidays, and exploding carts full of fireworks, so let’s skip the small talk and jump right to it! Festa della Donna | March 8 Ladies, time to drop what you’re doing […]

stefano bardini museum

They say people have something like 5 love languages right? Well this February Florence only needs one way to say I love you – Un Bacione a Firenze. As Meg told us a few weeks ago, one Sunday each month during 2013, Florence is opening the doors to some of its top tier treasures and […]