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Forte Belvedere by Fabrizio Gemmi

upcoming events: august 2014

Ah August, the month of ferie. During which, just about anyone with a business, a family or a pulse hightails it for the sea and says Ciao, ciao! to city life.  Even if you feel slighted that you don’t have the funds for a vacation spot in the country or at the beach, Florence, while noticeably deserted, […]

Lacrime di San Lorenzo by Spinool, on Flickr

feast day of san lorenzo

Today – August 10th – is the feast day of San Lorenzo, an all-day and night event loaded with free parties, food, and even shooting stars. Legend has it that Roman Emperor Valerian ordered San Lorenzo’s execution during his persecution of the Christian Church in 258 A.D. Instead of giving away church secrets while roasting […]