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frightening florence: piazza del limbo

No, Florence does not celebrate Halloween the way we do in the U.S.; Italy reserves the remembrance of saints and souls for November 1 and 2 respectively. Yet there might be another reason Halloween hasn’t caught on here yet. When the city’s cobblestones are sealed with blood and soot from beheadings, burnings and beatings, every […]


florens 2012: free culture all week!

For culture enthusiasts like us, the Florens project is a biennial gift of free art installations, lectures, and aperitivo hours. All encourage conversation around a central theme: “culture is the quality of life.” The weeklong event not only celebrates Florence’s unique, thriving culture but also challenges its accepted norms, on topics ranging from fashion to […]

Valdarno countryside

wwoofing in tuscany

We’ve been covering our favorite free things to do in Florence proper, but city center only offers a thin slice of the adventures to be had. Sometimes it’s best to escape the stone walls, venture into the hills, and experience a very different, still very authentic, Italian way of life. Topics in the queue for […]

Vara pumps via Borough Vintage

walking tour: fashion as art on display

As we said before, we’re all about spreading the Team Florens love. Promoting and investing in culture to sustain the city’s economy? Yes, please. With this noble goal in mind, I’m going to tackle a topic that might at first seem at odds with our budget-friendly, for-free blog: high-end fashion. We’re talking Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada […]

introducing: team florens

We’re mixing things up here at Florence for Free this week. We’re excited that Fondazione Florens is pulling together an elite team of social media mavens to cover the Florens 2012 Cultural and Environmental Heritage Week. The conference will feature a brain trust of smarts working together to encourage investment in Florence’s natural and historical […]