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the anniversary edition: meg & hannah’s favorite underrated posts

Tanti Auguri to us! This July, Meg and I are celebrating three years of spilling the secrets of saving money in Florence. Inexperienced with anniversaries, I had to consult Hallmark on what a traditional third anniversary gift is. In an apropos twist of fate, it just so happens to be leather! We’ll take that as […]

florence for free 2012 year in review

In case you haven’t been following ¬†florence for free since day one (aka everyone other than our parents) then we would like to provide you with a recap of the exciting free adventures that we have taken you on over the past six months of blogging and give you a sneak peek of where we’re […]

the english cemetery

If you have learned anything about Meg and I, other than the fact that we are serious tightwads, it’s probably that we like weird, creepy stuff (in fact, if you’re ever at a party and overhear someone suggesting scary story time – that’s me).¬†Even though Meg and I love the feeling of a good chill […]