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walking tour: san marco neighborhood

Meg had the worst day of her entire life in Piazza San Marco. A few summers back, the girl with the worst case of ornithophobia (irrational fear of birds) that I have ever seen, found herself face-against-wing with a neurotic pigeon. After three years of crippling flashbacks, and excessive face-scrubbing, Meg is still recovering. Not to stir-up the memories, Meg, […]

sunny days are for san domenico

If Florence and its surrounding hill towns were siblings, Florence would be the overachieving eldest chid with a trophy case of accomplishments; Fiesole would be the breezy youngest child with the enigmatic personality that demanded people come to her; and San Domenico would be the middle child, lost in the shuffle and often forgotten about. For […]

Archive Photo of Rodolfo Siviero from l'Unita

real monuments men: touring casa rodolfo siviero

Art historians don’t have it easy. When I’ve previously told people that I went to school for art history, I’ve gotten everything from eye rolls that imply “You pretentious snob!” to an unequivocal “Boring!” and finally, finishing with my favorite, “…But what do you do?” President Obama even got his digs in when he recently advised […]