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florence for free 2013 year in review

As we come to the end of 2013, we do so with an emphatic exhale. We have to admit, the year started off a bit rocky for all of us. Hostess had stopped packaging their pastries, whispers of a looming bacon shortage shook us to the core, Sharknado was released, and then the Pope went […]

FFF + Patrik Lundell Present The Free Art Walk

the free art walk

*Update: This round of the Free Art Walk is now over, but riddles and answers are posted below for those interested! The Free Art Walk is here! Solve as many of the riddles below as you can (they are all specific locations, and they can all be found within this blog). Visit as many of the resulting […]

FFF + Patrik Lundell Present The Free Art Walk

the free art walk: preliminary details

Our Free Art Walk will take place on Friday, November 15th! (UPDATE: that’s tomorrow!) { In case you missed the original announcement: Equal parts scavenger hunt, art show and culture walk, Florence for Free has teamed up with local artist Patrik Lundell for an interactive tour that is unlike any other the city has seen. […]


upcoming events: november 2013

What better way to kick off November than with a three-day weekend? Sure, some things might be closed today (it’s a national bank holiday), but what awaits during the rest of the month is worth the slow start. In fact, there’s one event in particular – a Florence for Free original – that we can’t […]