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upcoming events: november 2015

November, November. You can be cruel, with heavy rains and crazy fluctuating temperatures. But I’ve been not-so-patiently awaiting your arrival, as during your days I will be reunited with the city we all adore, Firenze. So until my trip, I’ll be crossing days off my calendar and stalking you via this webcam of Piazza Signoria. […]

frightening florence: the monster of florence

In Halloweens past, Meg and I have properly haunted this blog with spooky stories and lurid legends that lurk in the palazzi and piazze of Florence. That’s all they are though – stories, legends, claims and hearsay. Far more chilling to Florentines is an individual who has haunted the hills of Florence for decades and a case that […]


frightening florence: piazza del limbo

No, Florence does not celebrate Halloween the way we do in the U.S.; Italy reserves the remembrance of saints and souls for November 1 and 2 respectively. Yet there might be another reason Halloween hasn’t caught on here yet. When the city’s cobblestones are sealed with blood and soot from beheadings, burnings and beatings, every […]