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Bandierai degli Uffizi by nikoskier

upcoming events: may 2014

May is a goldmine for free things to do in Florence. It starts right away with the Notte Bianca events in the early hours of theĀ 1st and continues throughout the month with days and nights of free museums, gardens, movies, and more. So let’s consider May the pot of gold at the end of the […]

E lo chiamano autunno... by ingroar on Flickr

free entries for may day / labor day

Time to wake up, everyone! By now you’ve had a good nap since your all-night Notte Bianca bender and breakfast with Matteo Renzi, but the festivities are far from over. Today – May 1 – is a bona fide public holiday in Italy, when the country celebrates Labor Day. That means explorers should be prepared […]