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the palazzo crawl

In Italian/English dictionaries, the first translation of palazzo is palace, and let’s be honest, we all stop there. The rushed translation results in hoards of wide-eyed english speaking tourists awe-struck to hear that there are palaces on every single block in Florence. Italians, however, use the word palazzo to refer to many types of buildings (not just […]

Museo Stibbert by Roberto Serrini on Flickr

upcoming events: october 2014

Each October is a big month for events in Italy. Harvest festivals are in full swing and the change of seasons brings with it new shows, exhibits and festivals. This fall will also bring another “big” event to Florence: these two ladies will be returning to our favorite city! Well, we won’t make it there […]

exterior, palazzo strozzi

la strozzina at palazzo strozzi

Let’s cut straight to the chase – The Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCC) at Palazzo Strozzi, a.k.a. the Strozzina, is free (!) on Thursdays from 6-11 p.m. That means every week, guests have a free opportunity to view contemporary masterpieces in one of Florence’s most famed palazzi. Time to explore both parts of this win-win. […]