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where to stay in florence: palazzo belfiore

When planning our trip to Italy back in 2013, we found ourselves in the midst of a booking snafu that was potentially very expensive and a bit embarrassing for the likes of two ladies who fancy themselves seasoned travel vets. In the end, we learned some great information we could share with you all, so we consider […]

five free favorites: rome

I cringe just typing that title, as this post is by no means a definitive list of our top things to do in Rome. In fact, I’m not sure we could ever whittle all that Rome is down to a list that short. For example, no trip to Rome is complete for me without a […]

Market by rainy city on Flickr

florence’s best markets by neighborhood

We understand that shopping fundamentally flies in the face of our Florence for Free mantra, but you’d miss a major part of Italian culture if you didn’t explore the country’s many open-air markets! Brimming with charming antiques, fresh fruits, and homemade soaps, each bazaar is a feast for the senses. Of course, buying something is […]

walking tour: scavenger hunt

Exactly one year ago today, our friend Hannah had a stroke of pure genius. As a special gift to me, she conjured up the most incredible challenge a budget adventurer like myself could ask for. The rules were simple: cross off as many items as possible to rack up as many points as possible. Pick […]

downtown florence through an orange tree in the rose garden

benvenuti tutti!

Hey everyone! We’re Hannah and Meg – two ordinary American girls that took a big trip to Italy. We were lucky enough to receive fellowships to study art history in Florence for a year, a dream opportunity with a (very) limited budget. Florence is quite the walking town, and we spent many days and nights […]