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the ponte santa trinita

If you know just one bridge in Florence, know the Ponte Vecchio. If you know two bridges in Florence, make the second the Ponte Santa Trinita. The bridge of Santa Trinita lies in the shadow of the iconic Ponte Vecchio, just one bridge to its west, and is most often utilized as the perfect post-up for a view […]

Calcio Storico by Stefano Pogliani

upcoming events: june 2014

Sixth month of the year is almost here, you say? It’s only fitting, then, to add a bonus event to this month’s list of top free things to do in the city. Your six events follow! Festa della Repubblica | June 2 Put your Italian pride pants on! Each June 2nd, the country celebrates the founding […]

Archive Photo of Rodolfo Siviero from l'Unita

real monuments men: touring casa rodolfo siviero

Art historians don’t have it easy. When I’ve previously told people that I went to school for art history, I’ve gotten everything from eye rolls that imply “You pretentious snob!” to an unequivocal “Boring!” and finally, finishing with my favorite, “…But what do you do?” President Obama even got his digs in when he recently advised […]