the anniversary edition: meg & hannah’s favorite underrated posts

Tanti Auguri to us! This July, Meg and I are celebrating three years of spilling the secrets of saving money in Florence. Inexperienced with anniversaries, I had to consult Hallmark on what a traditional third anniversary gift is. In an apropos twist of fate, it just so happens to be leather! We’ll take that as a sign to commence planning our next trip to Florence for a couple of new pairs of leather boots.

In the meantime, we are celebrating the milestone with a few of our favorite underrated posts. Swallowed in the blog belly, we want to highlight some of our favorite, but lesser-known, walks, places, and tips. That’s right, step aside Jersey Shore and Dan Brown, this week we’re looking at the little guys.

Underrated Walks

downtown florence through an orange tree in the rose garden

walking tour: san miniato al monte

If you haven’t noticed, Meg and I find a way to incorporate San Miniato into about every other post. WE ARE OBSESSED, and you should be too! This oh-so-worth it walk, will not only take you to our beloved chiesa, but past spectacular panoramas, through a rose garden, and quaint oltrarno piazzas. Even if you only have a short day in Florence, this walk is a must.

neighborhood crawl: sant’ ambrogio

Sant’ Ambrogio was the first neighborhood I lived Florence (seven years ago!). Situated in the center, but off the beaten path, Sant’ Ambrogio strikes the perfect harmony of accessibility and authenticity. The streets are shaded by laundry hanging out to dry and accessorized with Florence’s most famous street food stands. Saturdays are spent at the antique market in Piazza dei Ciompi and Sundays are for deep-fried pizza at Pizzaiolo. It’s no secret, Sant’Ambrogio still has my heart.

walking tour: michelangelo’s david on display

Sometimes we just can’t reign in our emotions about art history, and sometimes that passion produces a really cool walk, guiding you through the life and locations of Michelangelo’s 500-year-old David.

Underrated Places

Claudia Stritof, Flickr

English Cemetery by Claudia Stritof

the english cemetery

The people of Victorian England were all about big hats, Charles Dickens, and Florence. The English Cemetery became the eternal home of the romantic hearts that chased their passions to Italy. Here, the likes of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Arthur Clough, rest among crumbling crosses, praying putti, and beds of blooming irises.

oratory of the buonomini of san martino

A true stumble-upon, this 15th-century confraternity oratory is located just around the corner from Piazza Cimatori. If you find the inconspicuous entrance door slightly ajar, help yourself to exploring the coolest frescoed clubhouse this side of the Arno. Renaissance paintings decorate the walls with illustrations of the corporal works of mercy. Why elbow your way through a tour group to get to Renaissance masterpieces when you can have this all to yourself!? (actually we can think of a few justifications, but you get the point)

underrated piazzas in florence 

All about the underrated this week, we just had to remind you of our post about our favorite underrated piazzas. Experts in church step picnics and people watching, we consider ourselves true piazza junkies. Check out some of our favorite off-the-tourist track piazzas here and join in on the urban lounging!

Underrated Tips


freccia-whata? understanding the italian train system

Train hopping around Tuscany is hard as a first-timer! Heck, I still forget to validate my ticket on a regular basis. Please, feel free to learn from our train blunders – SOMEBODY learn from our train blunders.

6 spots to know for starting school in florence

Ever wonder what so many college girls in their sorority sweatshirts are doing at ASTOR all the time? Florence happens to be the perfect and most popular city to study abroad (as a former sorority girl at ASTOR I can attest). Students flock from all over the world to study the art, literature and night life of Florence. As former undergrad and grad students in Florence, we have a list of a few vital spots to know, helping you to get your studies and semester off on the right foot – think bancomats, books and coffee!

the best deals for museum-hopping

If it were possible to actually live in a museum, Meg and I would make it happen. We love museums more than life itself. However, sometimes the ticket prices don’t always agree with what’s in our wallets. Luckily, there’s a hack for everything – including museums! For your penny-pinching pleasure, Meg compiled the best deals for navigating your way through the many museums of Florence without draining the gelato budget.

Whether simply passing through our site while planning your trip to Florence or a loyal follower since the beginning (looking at you mom), we are infinitely grateful for your support these past three years. Meg and I are excited to see where the next three take us – anybody up for Rome for Free?

Tanti Baci,


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  1. Just love walking up to San Miniato al Monte in the early morning, before even the vendors have completed their set up by David for the day. It’s much easier to justify cake with breakfast, when you get in a lot of steps prior to your “real day” starting! LOL!

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